14th Greek Honey & Bee Products Festival


The great annual

Beekeeping appointment !

This year constitute the 14th organization of the Greek Honey & Bee Products Festival.

A festival that began timidly and managed to become a highly successful event, the largest and most important of beekeeping in South-eastern Europe.

The aim of the Festival is to highlight the small producers as long as the unique and rare varieties of honey produced in every corner of Greece.

A celebration composed of many parallel events and upgraded aims in order to establish in the consciousness both of professionals and consumers that honey is a basic pillar of the Mediterranean Diet. The exhibition, organized in the framework of the 14th Greek Honey & Bee Products Festival, is the place to meet, educate and inform all the beekeepers involved and all the developments in the field of production, machinery, equipment, new technologies, new legislation, standardization, promotion, hygiene and safety of honey and other cell products.

The Exhibition takes on an international character, as in the field of Equipment participate well-known Greek companies as well as companies from around the world!

The Greek Honey & Bee Products Festival combines the information of beekeepers about the new developments in the industry, with the enjoyment of the bee products.

From beehives to honey tastings, culinary events, activities for children, the annual festival organized by EOSP, is a friendly family environment for all ages.

  • Parallel Events
  • Beekeeping Conference
  • Tasting of pure honey
  • Gastronomy presentations based on honey
  • Informing consumers in special
  • Events for the kids on «the bee and the bee-world»
  • 13 years’ honey festival!
  • Presentation of innovative products
  • Stands

APPLICATION FORM (download the application form in pdf format)